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Our Classes and Courses

Coaching to change lives

Ms. Sparky coaches to change lives – simple as that. She can change the mindset, as well as the life.

It is a philosophy that some may not be able to understand. It only takes a professional to touch the right nerves for a major change.

Coaching life

Coaching life implies altering the way people see life in order to achieve more and be happier.

With over two decades of coaching – more or less official, Ms. Sparky will change a patient's mindset to embrace happiness and positivity.

Training other coaches

Not everyone wants to learn. Some want to teach. However, they need to learn how to teach first.

One of Ms. Sparky's programs covers those who want to follow her. Learn how to be a coach, but also learn what it takes to change others.

Executive coaching

Executive coaching will help you if you feel like your career stagnates and is about to die.

Career coaching will help you find the best parts of your job, change your career, find things you love and be the best at everything.