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About Ms. Sparky

It takes time to change someone's mindset around, but it has been done and it can still be done.


Be it your life or your career

Ms. Sparky has it covered. The successful coach has gathered together a team of experts for you only.

It makes no difference what is wrong with your mindset. You might be terrible at life decisions and choices. Maybe your career seems to stagnate and you fail to evolve. No matter what you need help with, Ms. Sparky and the coaching team will change everything to 180 degrees for you.

Over 20 years of experience

Ms. Sparky began her coaching career when in 1997. She was not a certified coach, but a prolific adviser in the university she was studying in.

These days, she has her own coaching business and some of the most prolific coaches around her, whether it comes to life or career coaching. Even coaches can be coached – something for everyone.

Not sure what you need? Get in touch and find the answer.

The coaching team

Ms. Sparky's coaching team is based on eight professionals with experience in this industry.

The coach conducts all the classes and courses, while her coaching team helps at times or when there are more people needed.

Life coaching will teach people how to change their lives. It is all about the mindset. If their minds are in the right place, they can achieve everything. Unfortunately, over 98% of all people are on the right side of life. On the other hand, career coaching targets a different field – one's professional life. If your personal life rocks, but your professional life is the issue, Ms. Sparky will go in that direction instead. Career or executive coaching will help you identify your purpose and find out what you want. You will also learn how to turn a boring job into the career of a lifetime.


What is this all about?

Coaching is about interacting. It is about positivity. Everyone will embrace a new mindset based on a positive lifestyle. Coaches will teach those in need how to change their mindsets and pursue things that seemed out of their leagues.


Learn to enjoy
every minute of your life.